Fire Safety Training

Fire is one of the most serious hazards that a company faces. In managing the many risks that are presented to a company, fire safety management is essential for ensuring the survival of the company. A major factor in the management of fire risk is ensuring that employees work safely to prevent fire and to respond correctly if fire occurs. Because fire is a relatively infrequent occurrence, these objectives can be achieved only by motivating staff to be concerned about fire and by thorough training in the actions they must take in event of fire.


Education in general fire safety and training in fire safety procedures is essential for all employees of the company. Any member of staff may be the first to discover fire, and every member of staff must take some responsibility for working in a safe manner and for knowing how to react if an alarm is given.


The Fire Safety Order requires companies to provide suitable training to all staff on induction and that this training is repeated periodically throughout their employment. Fire Marque can provide all your fire safety training requirements through a number of courses, that are conducted at your site.  These include;

  • Fire Safety Management and the Responsible Person
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Advanced Fire Safety Awareness
  • Fire Warden Course
  • Fire Extinguisher Training


Practical fire extinguisher training, with or without live fire training, is included in many of the above courses.


The Fire Warden Course and the Fire Safety Awareness course can also be made specific to your workplace, ensuring that specific duties and requirements are passed on to the delegates.